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The Motion Sensor uses Insteon Group commands to communicate motion. The Motion Sensor must be linked as a Controller to the EZSrve as a Responder for the Motion Sensor to know to send commands to EZSrve and the EZSrve to accept those commands. The Motion Sensor can only be linked programmatically using I2 Extended commands. The last time I checked that ability has not been implemented in the EZSrve (as yet). Use the Set button method to link the Motion Sensor to the EZSrve and see if you get commands. The Status and Attribute of 1101 are correct for recognizing Motion start.

Remove the At Time Window option for this test. Normally I would put the At Time Window Condition in Condition 2 Anded with Condition 1. I think the Device and At Time are Ored when specified on the same Condition.

Thanks grif091

The EZServe part works ie If I make the condition “Anytime” then it triggers (I’ve linked the motion sensor). Just wanted to know if my Window understanding was correct and then figure out why it doesn’t work. The Ored info is very useful (I wondered) – I’ll run an experiment to verify.