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I’ve been Insteon devices almost from when Insteon was first released. Started to build an Insteon device using the old Smartlabs hardware developer kit until Simplehomenet started releasing their product line which included a device I was trying to build to monitor and control my garage. Has been great fun watching the SHN product line evolve. Had the opportunity to test some of the early V2 EZSrve images as they were being developed. There is a public document on insteon.net, insteondetails.pdf, which covers a good amount of information about how Insteon works including the format and context of link records. The document is old but the basics covered in that document still apply. Smartlabs hold much of the Insteon information as proprietary and confidential so it can be hard to glean some of the newer details.

Thanks for posting the information on Motion Sensor uses. Sharing information like that helps the user community.