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In the Effect specify the dimmer device name, Status, 80 for approximately 50%. The attribute value ranges from 0 (Off) to FF (Full On). This is a hex number. Hex 80 is about the middle of the range but it often varies based on the bulb/fixture so it may be necessary to try different values until the desired Bright Level is achieved. Insteon does not allow the ramp rate to be set when controlling the dimmer directly.

To control both the Bright level and Ramp rate it is necessary to define a Scene with the EZServe as the Controller and the dimmer as a responder. LD1 specifies the Bright level and LD2 specifies the ramp rate. Once the Scene is defined it can specified in the Action Effect just as the dimmer device name. Use Status with a value of 0 to turn the Scene Off. Use status with a value of FF to turn the Scene On. The responder will follow the Bright level and Ramp rate defined for the responder of the Scene