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Never got around to replying…

So holidays just execute only what actions are specified to run on holidays…. but everything else continues to run if a holiday happens to also be a day that a particular action normally runs on?

IMHO that defeats the purpose of holidays. Oh well, I have adequately lowered my expectations of the EZServ. I will probably replace it later this year with the Insteon USB controller and software.

Now the issue I’m having is the EZServ has gotten REALLY sluggish. It takes several minutes to go from the Areas tab of the HTML interface to any of the other tabs. I downloaded all the files and did a full reset of the device… and it’s still the same issue. I’ve run the reset from the interface, I’ve held the reset button (and it reset, since my password and the IP assignment reverted back to the defaults).

Everything on my network seems fine (both Insteon and ethernet). I can see one of my RF access points from my desk, and the light no blinky.