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Apologies for lack of updates.

I’m still running Ver 02.06 PLM Ver 63. Is there a newer version? If so, I’ll backup my xml files, nuke them all then update. Hopefully that will make the timers/actions more reliable.

I am a bit sad to hear the built-in HTML will be going away… the Harmony interface needs a lot of work before that happens. And, while I use an Android device and likely will purchase a tablet running Android, and will be able to use the Flash interface… it’s disappointing that our iPhone using friends won’t be able to.

Mobile device integration would be a great feature for Home Automation, given the market penetration of smart phones. I’d figure a simple HTML interface with clickable buttons that fits most mobile browsers would be fairly easy to write. Alas, I’m an IT professional, but I’m not a developer. I haven’t written code since Machine Language when I was in school 15 years ago.

One question, will accessing the address of the device at least redirect to the flash interface? If so, it should populate the IP address automatically to prevent users from having to do so.