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Thanks. I was looking for something that described hooking the EZIO6I up directly to a drapery controller. Glad to hear things are working using Broadcasts.

Switching to Group processing made no difference. The Input 1 simply sends Group On/ Group Off/Group On/ …… messages rather than Broadcast messages. The On/Off/On/Off…. cycling happens either way.

I think your choice of using the Analog output is the best approach. With the separate Off to On and On to Off trip points you can achieve drapery control even with variations in ambient light level. Things such as clouds moving by or even the difference in the ambient light with the drapes open versus drapes closed can be handled with the appropriate spread in the trip point values. That varying light level situation would have to be dealt with in the automation software with the digital output. If the EZEye digital output was used having two EZEyes would be the simplest approach. One set with a high ambient light level to initiate drapery close operation and the other set with a low ambient light level to initiate drapery open operation. The spread in ambient light level settings between the two EZEyes would provide the same capability as the two trip point values for the Analog output. The Analog approach is better. Fewer components needed and no unnecessary Insteon traffic as the EZEye digital output settles down as the ambient light increases/decreases past the initial trip point.


EDIT; just thought of another option. Each EZIOxx Input has a timer option that delays sending the On to Off message. That could be used to add a delay to avoid the cycling of the EZEye digital output.