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Lee – The product guide that came with the EZEye. It says;

The digital output is used to determine if the illumination is above or below a certain threshold which is adjusted with the potentiometer on the back of the EZeye. The digital level will be on when the signal is above the set threshold. This could be integrated in an automation sequence where you may want your drapes to close when the ambient light in the room rises above a certain level.

Anyway the cycling combined with a script I had caused the long log entries I previously asked you about. For now I’m going to use the Analog input to trigger my lights and that should fix the cycling. I’ll be interested in hearing what the designers had in mind for the digital input though.

I think I’m finally in business using the EZeye & EZIO6I. I’m sure I will eventually get some glitches due to using Broadcast Status Change but I do plan to get the ISY device and see how that works out for me.

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