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Cycling would not account for your trace. It is showing the same Input state pattern on consecutive entries. Mine shows Input 1 On, then Off, then On, then Off, etc. The drapery example depends on whether using the digital or analog output. Also not sure what I am seeing is not unique to this particular EZEye. I will test another EZEye and see. I don’t remember seeing the cycling when I used this device before.

EDIT: I have another EZEye under test. Sun was already up by the time I installed it so I will have to wait for sunset to see if the digital output will cycle on this one.

EDIT2: The new EZEye digital output also cycles Off/On/Off/On/Off…. as the light level declines through the digital output activation point. I will set up Input 1 with an active link so that Group commands are issued for that Input rather than a Broadcast message to see if that has any affect on the cycling. Won’t know the effect of that change until tomorrow morning atSunrise. As expected the Analog input sent a single Broadcast message when it turned Off. The light level would have had to generate a large swing in the Analog value to activate the Off to On trip point.