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The reference to the EZEye digital output turning On/Off/On/Off was referring to the Broadcast messages it was generating. It looks like at least this EZEye digital output is sensitive to the light level at the dialed in set point. I have another EZEye I will test later to see if the same thing. It does not impact Programs that want to do something at Sunrise such as turning Off lights. It would create an issue if you wanted to turn something On/Off in direct response to the digital output. Sensors in flood lights that have a dusk/dawn function have circuitry that suppress cycling when right at the light level that triggers a response. Does not look like the EZEye has that once On stay On or once Off stay Off logic built into the digital output. The Analog output produces that effect in combination with trigger points as the level has to reach a certain level to turn On and then has to drop the distance between the Off to On versus On to Off trip point value before turning Off. The Analog 1 Input produced one Broadcast message at sunrise and one Broadcast message at sunset.

I am monitoring the Broadcast traffic with the SHN Utility. The ISY defines active links for all the EZIOxx Inputs so Broadcast messages are not generated when using EZIOxx devices with an ISY.

Yes, the ISY can have a Program that reacts to a Group On or Group Off from an EZIOxx Input. Looks like some delay would have to be programmed to insure the EZEye digital output cycling did not cause the lights being controlled to cycle when the light level is right at the digital output trip point. Not sure if that characteristic is the same when an active link has been established for the Input connected to the EZEye digital output.