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I think my problem is that I have a loop set up with some of my scripts that are checking for a status change then running a “check status”. I’ll know better after checking my log in the morning.

Input 1 (the EZEye digital output) cycled On/Off/On/Off/On a few times as the sun came up but no Broadcast messages without a state change.

How can the EZEye cycle on/off and the EZIO6I not broadcast the on/off?

The more I try to get this working the more I think all my problems are because Indigo relies on the Broadcast Status Change. I found this info on the PA forms http://www.perceptiveautomation.com/userforum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2162&p=11340&hilit=ezio+inputs+status+change#p11340.

I set the EZeye to switch on/off at a specific light setting for morning & night. This is used to turn on/off my night lights. Can this be done with the ISY?

I do have a 2412S so all I need is the ISY.

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P.S. You are doing this testing with the ISY yes?