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I taped the EZEye to the inside of a North facing sliding glass door. Almost two hours without a Broadcast once the environment had been established. Of course it is dark outside. Both analog inputs are defined with trigger points of 400/200 with Analog 2 floating. I’ll update this post later in the day after the sun has been up a few hours.

EDIT1: so far I have not seen the Broadcast pattern. Input 1 (the EZEye digital output) cycled On/Off/On/Off/On a few times as the sun came up but no Broadcast messages without a state change. The Analog 1 value is running in the 360/370 range at 10:40 AM EDT so I lowered the AN1 trip points to 300/100 at which point Analog 1 Broadcast message was sent with both Input 1 and Input 5 On. My earlier tests were done under a desk lamp where the Analog value was higher which is why I had to lower the AN1 trip points. I will continue to monitor throughout the day and update this post, particularly on the dusk side to see if any Broadcast messages are sent as light disappears.