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The trigger point values for AN1 depend on what the EZEye is seeing. The 100/30 seems okay. You can usually tell by watching the actual analog value and see what the range is as clouds move over, reflections of things that may be driving by, I had it picking up sun reflecting off of water. Since the Input bit pattern is not changing I would think the 100/30 is okay but the analog value itself will confirm that. With the same input pattern it looks more like connection type situation. Give each wire a slight tug to be sure it was captured. I once actually stripped one of those little screws trying to get stable results. Turned out the wire was inserted below the compression strip rather than above it so when I tightened the screw it was not securing the wire. Normally I have the Input identified by Group number in the inbound message. With the same Input bit pattern it does not identify which Input is causing the Broadcast. I’ll set up the EZIO6I with the EZEye again and see if I see anything similar to your results.