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The analysis of the Broadcast message presenting the Input Port byte which has a snapshot of all the input states is correct. When Input 5 had no active link and was continuing to generate Broadcast messages Indigo would see current state information for all inputs when Input 5 changed state. Once both Inputs have active link records all Broadcast messages stop. Other Inputs without active links would continue to generate Broadcast messages. Since Input 1 and Input 5 are the only ones in use at present all Broadcast messages stop. Good conclusion on the Indigo end.

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EDIT: the Broadcast messages stop when all the Inputs in use have active links. The Configuration Register will still have the Broadcast Status Chg bit On assuming it was On already but an active link for a particular Input suppresses the Broadcast status message for that Input. This order of precedence is described in the EZIOxx documents. From the EZIOxx Advanced Details document “A broadcast on an input change can only happen if the input is not linked.”