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I think I see what is going on now. Indigo is designed to work with the Broadcast Status Change. When I have one input linked Indigo still sees the second input using Broadcast Status Change and automatically updates in inputs in Indigo but when I link the second input it switched off the Broadcast Status Change and Indigo has no way of updating the inputs as it is not designed to work with linking.

This was Matt’s last post on the subject.

f you link only 1 of the groups, then the EZIO is still sending the broadcast status change command because the other input is changing. Whenever it broadcasts, it includes the binary state for all of the inputs so they both update. But once you link the other input as well, then broadcasting is disabled for both inputs (per their reply above) and it stops sending the broadcast status change command.

So, you need to either use only linking and patch into the INSTEON Group commands coming in, or you need to not link and just use the broadcast status change functionality. If you do the former, then you’ll likely want to track the state of the inputs in separate Indigo variables (using Trigger Actions) since the internal binary input states of Indigo won’t be automatically updated. That is, Indigo doesn’t update its internal EZIO states based on the incoming Group/Button linked commands. This is because Indigo is currently designed to work with the EZIOs using the broadcast information, or via status polling.

I think this could be the root of the unreliability problem I had with the EXIO8SA. All the inputs relied on Broadcast Status Change. I have some questions on the EZsrve, can I contact you by email?