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The Hop count and message retransmission has to do with Insteon devices rebroadcasting (repeating) messages. It has nothing to do with Insteon retrying a command three times. When an Insteon device receives a message on the powerline that is not sent to it specifically it rebroadcasts (repeats) the message at full powerline signal strength based on Max and Remaining Hop count. The Hop count insures that messages are not rebroadcast forever which I think Insteon refers to as a message storm. This is an important aspect of Insteon reliability as it insures that messages are moved down the powerline at maximum amplitude. This is not command ACK and retry that is associated with Group command processing used when an Input is linked to a responder. There is an insteondetails.pdf document in public space accessible from a link from the Smartlabs web site if you are interested in learning more about Hop counts and message rebroadcast. The document is old but it has a good explanation on message Hops and rebroadcast which still applies today. HouseLinc2 has a good powerline diagnostic that allows a user specify the Hop count number to be used during powerline evaluation. The larger the Hop count on received messages the better the quality of the powerline. Conversely the more ACKs received for messages with original small Hop counts the more reliable the powerline.