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Matt found the problem. Can I send you my EZIO6I to be updated if that in fact will fix the problem?

Re: EZeye & EZIO6I
PowerLinc Linking – . enabling: status change broadcasting
PowerLinc Linking – . reading: configuration settings, input trip points, and output timer durations
PowerLinc Linking – . . . read: configuration settings 00

Well, this shows what is going wrong, and explains why SimpleHomeNet couldn’t reproduce the problem.

The first line above Indigo is telling the module to always broadcast changes. To do so, it sends the command bytes:
0x4F 0x09

Next, Indigo reads all of the settings from the EZIO. Included in this is the configuration flag byte, which includes the broadcast change bit along with other flags:
0x4E 0x00

The EZIO returns, as a result of that command, 0. But it should return that bit 6 is set because of the first command which enabled the broadcasting. I believe that is likely the firmware bug that you have uncovered.

Indigo then stores off that entire flags byte (as returned by EZIO) and modifies its bits as you make changes in the sheet (but never changing the broadcast bit, which is assumed to now be correct), and then eventually sends that byte back to the EZIO when you press the Upload Settings button.

So the problem is the EZIO is telling Indigo the broadcasting is disabled even though the command immediately before it should have enabled it. Indigo presumes the EZIO returned a good value, and then uses that value later. So it might really be enabled after the first command, but because the EZIO later tells Indigo it isn’t enabled Indigo fails to pass the correct bit value later.

I think I will change Indigo to always force the value of that flag to ON regardless of what the EZIO returns as the status of that flag. That will probably short circuit the problem.