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There is a device type listed for the SmartlabsPLM on EZSrve. I’ve not tried using that device as a Responder so cannot answer that with direct knowledge. Do you have an EZSrve and if so what firmware level is installed. I have a new EZIO6I being mailed to me. Should be here by Friday afternoon. I will be able to verify that the latest firmware does (or does not) generate Broadcast messages. If it does perhaps you can return the EZIO6I and have it flashed to the latest firmware level. I don’t think it is a firmware issue but have no direct way to prove that at this point. Indigo is correct that if an active link exists it suppresses the Broadcast message for that particular Input. Since it looks like Indigo has to see a Broadcast message linking will likely not prove anything. Even if Group messages are sent it would be concluded that Group messages work but that does not prove Broadcast messages work. I can see that they have confidence in Indigo setting the Broadcast Status Chg bit. I would like to see a trace that shows it being written to the EZIO6I device type or have the SHN Utility read the Configuration Register and find both bits On. It is not a generic problem with the firmware as much of the code is common across all the EZIOxx devices and it is working with their 8SA. It is also working with my EZIO6I. That leaves Indigo setting the bit as an open question, perhaps the firmware in your EZIO6I is not sending the Broadcast message. Seems a strange symptom that turning on the Analog option would affect a digital Input broadcast message. I have no way to prove it is not however. At this point all the things that are necessary to have it happen need to be verified which includes knowing for sure the Broadcast Status Chg flag is actually on. The absence of that bit would explain the lack of Broadcast messages from both Inputs. That does not mean the bit is not On, only that it is one way to produce the symptom you have.