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The UDI ISY links all the Inputs back to the ISY/PLM as part of adding the device to the ISY so it does not matter what the Broadcast Status Chg option is set to. The existence of a link for a particular Input overrides the Broadcast option for that Input. If you are thinking about an ISY you want to be on 2.8.0 firmware level. That is in Alpha status right now but I have tested the SHN device support and found it working fine. You have to send an email to the UDI support id and they will send you a link to access the 2.8.0 level. UDI is adding some additional support for the MorningLinc, GarageHawk and maybe ELK which is preventing them from moving 2.8.0 into Beta. The SHN device support looks solid. Although I have been using Insteon almost from its beginning I’ve had my ISY for only a few months. It has been rock solid so far. The device has a good reputation and great support.

Not all but many UPS and some PC power supplies attenuate Insteon signals. The devices are so good at clamping down noise they also affect the Insteon signal. I have all my PC/UPS equipment on FilterLincs. Just have to make sure the PLM does not wind up on a filtered or surge suppressed outlet. I did that by accident once and it sure played heck with Insteon communication.

Oh, yes there are nights where sleep is hard to come by. Rather than fight it I just find something to do on the computer or something on the TV.

I may have been wrong about using the Continuous AD conversion option. That may be necessary for the Analog inputs to work with trip points. Because my test had the EZEye digital output on Input 1 and the analog output on Input 5, whenever the analog changed the digital also changed. Any time the analog values are queried they are updated so that the query returns the most recent AD conversion value. I think the same thing happens whenever a digital state change happens so when Input 1 changed state the analog value of Input 5 would have been updated and it also triggered a state change because of the trip points defined. I have to do some testing where only the analog output is connected and see if the trip point works without the Continuous AD option. That option might be needed for the trip points to work. The query of the analog values should return the most recent conversion regardless of the AD conversion option. If you find the trip points are not working try turning on the Continuous AD conversion option.