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Wow you are working late! Thanks for the info. I was originally using the Broadcast Status Change on the EZIO8SA but then did the linking procedure which made the outputs acceptable but I never got the inputs to work reliably. I have the same problem with the inputs on the EZIO4X2. I was reading the Tips on the Quick-Start Guide for the 2413U and it suggests filters like you mention so I’m going to try one on the UPS that my computer and some other equipment is plugged into.

I’m still waiting to hear from Perceptive Automation on how to link the inputs of the EZIO6I to the PLM.

Can the UDI ISY device be used to change from the Broadcast Status Change config (which is the standard config with Indigo when you use an EZIO device) to set the linking from the EZIO6I to the PLM?