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I have not seen that behaviour with any of my EZIO2X4s (have 3 installed) or my EZIO8SA. Were you using the Broadcast Status Chg? That is about the least reliable Insteon communication you can use. Not that the SHN family is missing an Input change but the Broadcast command is a single message sent in the blind. That is, it is not sent to any specific device. It is like to old X10 messages. One message goes on the powerline and if the powerline is very good things work fine but usually the powerline is not all that clean and a Broadcast message is lost sometimes. Insteon deals with that with Group command processing by following up a Group Broadcast with Group Cleanup Direct commands to each device in the Group. This command is ACK by the responder and repeated up to three times by the Controller if an ACK is not received. Group protocol is used when there are links between the Controller and the Responder. I never use the Broadcast Status Chg option for that reason. Also why I had some trouble setting that test case up as I don’t use it on a day to day basis. Linking is much more reliable because linking forces the Group command protocol with all the associated ACKs and retries.

The Continuous Analog conversion checks the Analog voltage on the Analog Inputs about once per second. Not needed to have the Analog Input trigger on a change across the Set Point values but can result in more accurate Analog values over time. I was not using the option for the Broadcast Status Chg tests.

I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. Powerline communication is not 100% and never will be. With all the appliances in today’s world keeping the powerline communication clean requires more work and analysis that it did years ago. I had to install Smarthome FilterLincs on the PC/UPS equipment as well as one of my flat screen LCD TVs. I have what I think is good communication but as I said it will never be 100%. I added an Access Point at my plug point for the Insteon equipment around the PC/UPS area. Help with the reliability of the new Extended message. That also helped improve communication with devices that only use RF and I2 Extended commands for linking and configuration such as the Motion Sensor and TriggerLinc.