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Hello Lee,

Previously my major issue was with the EZIO8SA inputs. I would hook up a switch as an input and get an the correct ON/OFF sequences for a few tries then it would miss an ON or OFF. Matt from Perceptive Automation stepped in and got together with Al of Simplehomenet to see what the problem was. It was never fixed. The last email I got from Al was he was getting a Mac to install Indigo to assist in my problem. I never heard from anyone after that. I was furious as the EZIO8SA is not cheap and as it didn’t work for me I sold it at a loss.

Not only was I disappointed the EXIO8SA didn’t work but Simplehomenet have a lot of great devices I could use but I have stayed away until deciding to try the EZeye. Once we get the EZeye/EZIO6I fixed (I’m being optimistic here) I might look at getting another EZIO8SA if you can help me.

Right now I’m waiting to hear from Matt to see what he says about linking the EZIO6I to the 2413U PLM. Back when I had the EZIO8SA problems there was no way to link to the PLM by software. It was all manual – pressing buttons, counting seconds, watching lights flashing etc. Is it correct that linking is more reliable than Broadcast Status Change?

I’m using a USB 2413U PLM. I’ll get Windows installed on my mac & I can switch into Windows XP and try your utility then switch back to OS X/Indigo.

By the way, in Indigo there is an option for “Continuous analog conversion (once per second)” what is that?

thanks for your help!

bob (user name)