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Sure can. You will need something on the PC to interface to the powerline. If you are using a PLM on the Mac and can temporarily move it to the PC you can use it as the powerline interface. The SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite does not make changes to the PLM when using it as a powerline interface. The configuration data in SHN devices is in non-volatile memory so changes made on the PC will be there when used on the Mac. Some changes require saving the changes to make them permanent. Otherwise if unplugged or power goes off the changes will disappear. Configuration data is like the link database, it survives across a power outage. Even if you continue to use Indigo to make configuration changes you can you the SHN Utility to read the various information to confirm what is actually being established both in Configuration data as well as link database information.

Justin gave me a link to your Indigo post. It sounded like you have had some issues in the past with SHN devices. I have many of the SHN devices installed in and around the house, some for many years. If I can help resolve anything regarding the SHN devices do not hesitate to post. I have no way to verify operation under Indigo but generally can exercise the devices in a similar manor under something PC based.