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I was able to set up test bed for Broadcast Status Chg. My EZIO6I sends a Broadcast message for both Input 1 and Input 5 (Analog 1) when the Enable Analog Inputs option is set. I would make sure that when you are setting the Enable Analog Inputs option On you are also turning On the Broadcast Status Chg option as well. Since the entire Configuration Register is written when any option is changed it is necessary to specify all options that are active when turning on the Enable Analog Inputs option. The EZEye digital output connected to Input 1 reacts faster than the EZEye analog output so I get a Status Change message showing Input 1 turning On followed by another Status Change message showing Input 5 (Analog 1) turning On. Same sequence when I cover the EZEye and both EZEye digital and analog outputs turn Off.

from ID:0C.AF.26 flags:83 cmd1:27 cmd2:21
from ID:0C.AF.26 flags:83 cmd1:27 cmd2:31

from ID:0C.AF.26 flags:83 cmd1:27 cmd2:30
from ID:0C.AF.26 flags:83 cmd1:27 cmd2:20


EDIT: in case you are wondering, Input 6 (Analog 2) was floating so it is showing On in all the Broadcast messages.