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I do not think you can condition on the state of a scene. However, I will set up a test here to verify that. It would not be the first time I was wrong about something.

That said, the way I handle the situation where no individual device can be used to represent the scene state, is to use a dummy X10 address. Define an X10 address that is not on the network. Define a pair of Actions that are triggered by the secondary KPL button press On/Off (if they do not already exist) with effects that turn On/Off the dummy X10 address. It makes no difference that the X10 address does not exist on the network. Then use the state of the dummy X10 device, On (2) or Off (3), to determine if the scene controlled by the secondary KPL button is On or Off. I’ve used this technique several times before to handle the situation you describe.

It will take a few hours (maybe a day with the holiday) to set up a Scene driven by a secondary KPL button to verify what can and cannot be done regarding conditions.

EDIT: I checked the words on the popup help and you are correct. It does say Scene. However, I don’t think it means Scene in your context. Smarthome uses the word Scene in its sales information presumably because Scene is better understood than Group. A Scene is really a Group and often the terms are used interchangeably. If one would look at the Smartlabs Insteon commands document or the PLM developer user guide you will not find the word Scene anywhere, as there is no such thing as a Scene per say. It is a Group. Internally all Insteon knows about are Groups. The hex values that are listed in the popup help are Group information; Group number, Group command (actually same a device command), reflecting Group messages sent by a given device or received by a given device. I do not think EZSrve tracks “Scenes” as no such thing actually exists in the Insteon architecture, they are Groups. I will do the tests I indicated before.