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I don’t think you can condition on “Scene” status. Insteon does not track Scene status. The Smarthome SmartLinc deals with this by allowing a specific device in the scene to represent whether the entire scene is on or off. The SmarLinc does not have the capability of Actions which allow selecting specific devices. Pick a device for the Condition check. The status checked depends on whether the device was turned On/Off with a Value=FF/0 or an Insteon Group On/Off from a button press or another device. I have a KeypadLinc that is controlled with a Motion Sensor and an Action. This granularity allows the Action to condition effects on whether the KeypadLinc was last controlled by the Motion Sensor, a button press or an Action. The following conditions are from an Action that checks if the KeypadLinc was turned Off by an Action (AttrVal=”0x00″) or a KeypadLinc button press (AttrVal=”0x1301″). The Conditions are evaluated in this definition as (Condition 1 And Condition 2) Or (Condition 3 And Condition 4).