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I repeated your steps with a slight variation of holding the Set button for about 5 seconds for that last press rather than 10 seconds. The EZIO2X4 output relay is being controlled by my ICON switch. When you put the ICON switch into controller linking mode was the yellow status LED blinking indicating it was in linking mode. When you pressed the Set button on the EZIO2X4 for 4 seconds and released it did the ICON status LED stop blinking indicating the link between the two devices was established. The last step indicates to the EZIO2X4 which output relay to control with the link that was just established with the ICON switch. After pressing the Set button once for approx 1 second to indicate output relay 1, wait a full second and then press and hold the Set button on the EZIO2X4 for slightly longer than 4 seconds. Holding it for 10 seconds may be confusing it into establishing controller linking in the EZIO2X4. Please post back what happens with the ICON yellow status LED at each step in the linking process.