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Hello Phil,

The EZRain can be upgraded to the latest firmware when you purchase the upgrade here – http://www.simplehomenet.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EZFlora_Firmware_Upgrade

If you’re like to upgrade your hardware to have the water meter and rain sensor interface as well…you can purchase this upgrade – http://www.simplehomenet.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EZFlora_Hardware_Upgrade

When you purchase the upgrade, you’ll send it to our address with the order number as the RMA. Of course, this’ll mean you won’t have irrigation while the device is being upgraded…but our turn around time is 1 business day. So, if you get expedited shipping both ways…you shouldn’t be at a risk for drying out your lawn.

I could see if I could make you a refurbished unit to purchase at a discounted price…but the discounts for refurb units are only 10-15% off the new price, so might not be the best option.

I hope that helps!