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Maybe I am reading too much into the promise of a solution for compatibility problems when using SHN EZIO products with the ISY-99. …
There have been long-standing incompatibility issues related to the ISY not receiving updated status from EZIO inputs as these change. There have also been problems with EZIO device outputs not responding if these were added to ISY scenes or are attempted to be controlled by KPL buttons.

It is my understanding that no versions of EZIO8SA or 8T currently work with ISY and that “some” versions of EZIO2X4 and EZIO6I work “to some degree.” Unfortunately, you have to buy and try to determine if an individual unit works or not. Hmmmmm

Below are some example threads on the Universal-Devices.com web site and there is an entire category dedicated to EZIO device incompatibility issues on that site:


I have first-hand (negative) experience with the EZIO8SA a year ago when I had to replace 2 SAs with 12 SH IOLinc modules. My “showplace” panel became a wiring nightmare and my customer was not very pleased. He is however, now happy with the IOLinc reliability and functionality.

I love the IDEA behind the EXIO products but also love the ISY as an inexpensive yet powerful controller. I especially like it for its ease of management and program development. I tried the EZServe but there were far too many mouse-clicks involved in configuring 70-100 device installations. I thought EZServe would be okay for small installations. I loved the built-in web server that I had intended to use this to drive N800 keypads but this wasn’t to be. My final straw for that product was needing to TFTP restart after performing firmware upgrades.

I sold my EZServe but still have the 2 EZIO8SAs. I have (some) hope that one day SHN and UDI will get together and find a solution that will allow the EZIO products to work within an ISY environment. (Or someone else will develop an ISY-compatible multi-channel IO module.) Michel (UDI Engineer) alluded to a possible SHN fix in the works for problems with the EZIO per Justin (SHN). I was hoping that the upgrade mentioned in this thread was the “promised fix.” Griff, In reading your response, I don’t think that I should get my hopes up quite yet…..but I love to be surprised.

Using the 8SA is not on my “daily radar” anymore. Please let me know if I have made any errors or omissions here of if I have missed the release of a solution and just don’t know it 🙂