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Well, as of last night, I have enough of this working semi-reliably to say I’ve accomplished the basic work to replace the functions of my HCS-2.
It took adding new outlets so that I have access to both phases directly at 2 of my subpanels, and a whole lot of experimenting and learning. There is a lot more tinkering needed to improve the setup but the skeleton is functional.

I have basic timed functions working based on sunrise and sunset logic with offsets;

I can have the system read an X10 event that occurs on the PL and take an X10 and/or Insteon action. (Such as an on/off command broadcast due to an X10 RF to PL command.

The EZIO has all 4 inputs functional and being read over Insteon by EZServe and taking actions. These consist of a lighting sequence for each of (1) our main garage door; (2) a PIR in one area of the house and (3) another PIR in a separate area both with lighting events to turn on, dim and later turn off. I used Inputs 1 and 2 with simple contacts and the +5/ground of the EZIO. I used inputs 3 and 4 with 10K pullups, which is read as OFF by EZServe and ON when you short out the resistor. I experimented with Analog but didn’t get far yet.

One EXIO just has a toggle switch on it for testing. The (2) relay outputs work using the Utility to toggle and I have a couple of LEDs connected for testing, I haven’t taken time to program some action yet to set those using Insteon/X10.

A dimming sequence on X10 works poorly and is awkward. It would be far better if they built in a command to dim to a level (dim X times) in one command, which properly times and maybe deals with other PL traffic when it does it.

There have been a few strange X10 lights on for unknown reasons (which generally didn’t happen with the HCS and TW523 running things.

The EZServe does NOT seem to put out as strong a signal for X10 as the TW523 here.

I plugged in my Smarthome PLM 2413S but it does not have a computer hooked to it right now for anything. I’m hoping it does some Insteon repeating to help some of the communication – although I have the EZServe and EZIO piggybacked into each other right at a single phase at my main power panel (same place I used to have the TW523. I have an X10 booster link at one of my subpanels where I used to have it before also. The 2413S is tested both with Simplehomenet’s utility, as well as a couple of demo PC based programs on a PC. I have not played with Misterhouse at all yet.

I’ve not used the Harmony interface other than for looking because I’m still on what part of it works right and what incorrectly. The html interface from the EZServe itself is what I’ve used for devices, areas and actions. I have no scenes set up for any of what I’m doing thus far as I have no active Insteon switches or keypads, etc.

The EZServe is very pokey at times as evidenced by slow screen change actions via its TCP/IP address – usually when a change is being made to conditions or actions. There seems to be problems when there are a bunch of X10 commands going on – as seen by the results on X10 lights – but its unclear on why. I didn’t have this with the HCS2 and TW523 doing the control actions.