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Use the Java Discovery Tool and load up the latest EZSrve image which is 02.06.12 It is labeled a Beta image but has some maintenance that could avoid some of the Action problems. The Harmony client will need the latest EZSrve image. You can stay with the HTML interface but you need to upload the latest EZSrve image to avoid seeing any number of problems that have already been fixed in the latest image.

The Harmony client is a new graphics oriented interface for managing the EZSrve. A much more graphics oriented interface than the old HTML interface. You do not have to rebuild the EZSrve xml files to run the Harmony client although it has better syntax checking in some areas than the HTML interface does. In other words the Harmony client may find problems with xml files that the HTML interface does not pick up.

You upload a new Actions file using the Server Configuration UPLOAD FILE button. After uploading the Action file, an upload successfully completed message will display, you will have to Restart (NOT RESET) EZSrve for the new Action file to take effect.