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I have been able to recreate the problem. You can bypass the problem by putting the KPL button press Condition in a separate Action. Event based Actions are handled differently than Time based Actions. Normally a Time based Action has as the last activity a function that reenables the Action. See the last telnet trace entry below of my Action when only Time based Conditions 1 & 2 are coded. This reenables the Action so that it will trigger again. This is missing in your telnet trace and fails to occur with my Action when I add the Event based Condition 3.

03/12/2010 14.50.05: ezdevice.c – SaveDeviceXML: File Open Success!
03/12/2010 14.50.07: ReadWriteApi.c – SaveSysVarXML: File Open Success!
03/12/2010 14.50.07: ezaction.c – SaveActionsSysVarXML Done!
03/12/2010 14.51.26: In process post action: make Action ASICONLampLincOn status

I would suggest sending a note to the SHN Support email id documenting your situation and referring to this forum Topic. SHN folks do review forum activity but perhaps not on a daily basis.