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There was a problem with Actions not being reenabled after execution which is corrected by 02.06.04 or later. The symptom is an Action would run on one day but not run the next because it was not being reenabled the day before the failure. If not at that level or later, you should update using the Discovery Tool.

To trace Action activity use Telnet. Do a RESTART to insure a clean EZServe environment. Then issue the following commands in CMD window.

set logfile c:temptelnet.txt
open 10001


The logfile command is system dependent so enter whatever is applicable to your system.
The open command specifies your EZServe IP address. Be sure to enter port 10001
The EZServe and Simplehomenet are responses to a login request that will be prompted for after issuing the open command.

Leave the telnet trace running while the Actions are executing correctly, until you reach the time when an Action should have run and did not. The telnet trace will show if the Action is actually triggered at the correct time and what commands were executed in response to the Effects. The trace entries are time stamped so it will be easy to see what happened at Sunset +15 when it fails. Sunrise/Sunset values are changing almost every day now so a slight change in execution time is expected.