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I guess I hadn’t actually used the GUI in a while since I can now control the EZIO8T from it. That’s good. Being able to name the inputs/relays like I can on the EZFlora would be nice also.

The EZUIRT control screen seems to be larger than the area available so most options are hidden. Once I double click on it, it opens and I can’t see the X to close it, nor do I seem to be able to scroll around to see more.

It would be nice to have a default image for various device types so I don’t always have to set them for each device. There should be some graphic for “no image selected” instead of the busted image icon.

Adding, changing, and removing effects was pretty unintuitive to me. I randomly figured out I had to double click the stopwatch to do it. I can change the device options in the main screen, so I figured those changes would persist. Maybe grey them out if it’s not allowed or simply allow me to do it. Dragging a device to the trash to remove it is reasonable, but if I hovered too long over the trash the device icon would appear and it wouldn’t actually remove the device. I had to drag it over quickly and release the mouse button before the arrow went away to actually remove the device.

Finally, after I’ve been messing with it over the last couple hours the pointer has gotten stuck to a spinning clock. I can still click and use everything I’ve tried, but the clock has been going strong for 20 minutes.