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I would not try to modify the Devices.xml file for changing the device type (Cat/Subcat). Each device entry has much more cluster data in V2. Delete the device. When it asks if the device is available, respond NO so that the link database will not be changed. Add the device again specifying the Insteon Address and device type. The device link database will be retrieved as part of the Add process.

If you really want to try manual modification, add a dummy device with the device type in question. Then make the real device entry look like the dummy. Again, I do not recommend this approach.

Adding a device with the Auto Discovery technique requires that EZServe (or whatever HA software/firmware is being used) be aware of the Cat/Subcat values of every device and variant of every device. Smartlabs is changing these values so often now that is nearly impossible to stay up to date. Even HouseLinc2 (Smarthome’s HA software) has not been able keep up to date with current Cat/Subcat value changes and they should know when a new variant is coming before a device every ships. There is a link to a user web site off of one of the Smarthome forum topics that has a list of the various Cat/SubCat values that have been found in the field. For a KeypadLinc Dimmer there are at least four Cat/Subcat variants that have been identified so far.

Once the device is added with the correct device type, “Status” will be an Attribute option.