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No worries. I have made a number of changes but I am still at the same point, I can not get the Insteon device to trigger an Action.

As you suggested, I have added the Ezserve as a responder to the “OD Frontyard Lights” 06 (Scene D) button. I then try to create a condition and still have nothing but troubles.

I have tried the following:
1. Using “OD Frontyard Lights” I can not get the “Attribute” setting to get a Status. Therefore, I can not set it based on that.
2. I can not see any EZServe objects to base this on.

Using SHN_Utility, I get the following:

So I assume that EZServe is being made aware of the change in Status. But I still have no clue one how to “capture” that status and do something with it.

Any thoughts? Thanks,