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Sorry, I did not get that you were trying to control multiple KPL buttons on the same KPL. You cannot assign the same device address as more than a single responder to an EZServe Scene. This will have to be done with the SHN Utility or with the Tap Set button process. For KPL secondary button control of the same KPL load there is a process documented in the KPL User Guide to establish this relationship. Of course a KPL secondary button can always control a different KPL button (but only one of a given KPL with a Scene established through EZServe).

You cannot trigger an Action Condition using an EZServe Scene name. Actions are triggered from time based events and/or individual device based events.

To trigger an Action based on a device event that device or device button (KPL, RemoteLinc, etc) must have the EZServe as a Responder. The Group number xx used (11xx, 13xx, etc) is that of the controller device that is triggering the Action. For single button controllers the Group number is always 01. For multiple button controllers such as a ControLinc, RemoteLinc, KPL, it is the Group number used by the respective button. These Group numbers are established by the device itself and cannot be changed. The exception to this convention are the Simplehomenet products which can have a different Group number assigned to the Inputs of many of the devices.

Insteon devices can be assigned an X10 address and that device will respond to an X10 command. To send an X10 command from EZServe an Action will have to be triggered with the Effects issuing X10 commands.