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Your “responder” comment made a lot of sense. So this is what I did…

Here is my “Night Time” Scene:

Ezserve (08)
OD Front Yard Lights (06) <== Scene Button

Ezserve (09)
OD Front Yard Lights (01) <== Actual light switch (ON)
Entry Way (01)

The reason that I have Ezserve twice is because I have another scene called “Night Time Buttons”:

Ezserve (08)

OD Front Yard Lights (06)

The purpose of this second scene is to ensure that when “Night Time” is triggered (by button, action, etc…) all SwitchLinc’s with the “Night Time” scene button will light up, remember that I will be having multiple SwitchLinc’s soon. Note that this was working correctly.

My challenge with this setup is that now I have everything setup like this, I can’t figure out what my condition logic should be. I would have assumed it would have been one of the following: “Night Time” Status = 1101, 1106, 1108, or 1109.

1101 assuming that it is the scene’s status I was looking for. (Did not work)
1106 assuming that we are looking at the SwitchLinc button. (Did not work)
1108 just trying it. (Did not work)
1109 assuming that we want to know when Ezserve was told by the button push to respond. (Did not work)

I really thought 1109 would do it but alas no success. Any idea of what I should do?