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For the 6 button KeypadLinc button D to trigger an Action, the EZServe must be a responder to button D. Otherwise, the EZServe does not see the button D press. A Condition with Attribute: Status and Attribute Value: 1106 (lower right small button in 6 button mode) will trigger the Action (assuming the EZServe is a responder to button D).

Was not sure what you are asking regarding the EZServe “Night Time” Scene triggering an Action. For confirmation of your configuration, you have KeypadLinc button D linked to some of the Insteon devices such that button D turns On/Off those devices. You describe a time based Sunset +15 Condition triggering an Action with an Effect that controls an EZServe “Night Time” Scene. What/how would the EZServe “Night Time” Scene be utilized that should trigger an Action.