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The problem with polling devices is that for Controllers, like a ControLinc and RemoteLinc, there is nothing to poll regarding button status. No way to ask which button was last pressed and how it was pressed. A single tap On, a double tap Fast On, a press and hold for Dim or Bright and how long it was held. Also the RemoteLinc is asleep, having turned off the RF receiver to conserve battery life. No way to communicate with a RemoteLinc.

By reacting to the last status known to EZServe the Actions are restoring the Effects last executed. Perhaps a new option would be useful to control whether a specific Action is examined on a Restart. That way Actions which should execute to restore Effects would run while others demeaned inappropriate to run on a Restart would be ignored.

When you post back the results of next week’s test, did you do the Action updates through the Harmony client or the HTML interface. Although I have not been able to reproduce it locally I have had emails indicating a need to Restart EZSrve after updating Actions through the HTML. This has the effect of having in memory Action structures being built from the Actions XML file rather than changes made to those in memory structures by the HTML. A Restart after Action updates if Actions are not reacting as expected might be useful.