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Not sure if this will help your situation as the T_Home_From_Work action isn’t triggered by Insteon device status, but it might explain the A_Home_Daytime symptoms you described.

The device state is maintained in the cluster entries in the devices file. The CID=0 cluster has a status field that reflects the last event for that device (i.e. 0x02, 0x03, etc. for X10, 0x1101, 0x1301 for Insteon). When you restart the EZSrve and it loads the actions, for those with a device status condition, the EZSrve appears to check the cluster status entry and fire the effect if the status matches the condition.

Thus, if the last command from your RemoteLinc was the 1105 (button 5 on) command, you’ll see that in the status field for the device in devices.xml and the action based on that device status will fire on restart.

I have several device based actions in my setup. So, depending on what I’ve been doing, restarting the EZSrve sometimes creates a bit of a light show in our house.