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The EZIO2X4 has 4 Inputs. Input 1&2 are digital inputs, either On or Off. Input 3&4 by default are digital inputs, either On or Off. Optionally Input 3&4 can be operated in analog mode. In analog mode the input voltage is converted into a digital value. The 0x49 command reads the input port showing the On/Off status of the Inputs. When Input 3&4 operate in analog mode, the digital equivalent to the input voltage is located at memory locations 0x4C-0x4F, 2 bytes for each analog value. The 0x4A Get Sensor command reads a 1-wire sensor value which is available on the EZIO8SA only.

A responder device can be linked to each Input. A state change of a digital input is reflected by the EZIO2X4 issuing a Group On or Off message sequence for the Group number associated with the specific Input. The analog inputs (when operating in analog mode) generate an On or Off Group message sequence based on the Analog Off to On and On to Off Trip Point values.

Hope this helps. Please post back if additional information is needed.