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In the Harmony client evolution the 0.21.4 version is pretty old. That is the limitation of running the AIR version. Will be a good option once the Harmony client is finished but with as often as the server based Harmony client is updated during Beta development, the AIR version will be down-level most of the time.

The 02.06.04 image resolves a number of problems with Actions. Another user running that image level found it resolved his Actions problem and was generally stable. It will not resolve the Harmony Icon problem. From the Docklight trace it looks like the Icon problem is totally within the Harmony client itself.

You can update the Icon image manually but it requires the Devices.xml file be edited manually. The Pic= tag contains the name of the .png Icon file (Pic=”DefLampB1.png” as example taken from my Devices.xml file). Placing the cursor on the Icon displayed in the scrollable list shows the file name in the context help display. The Pic= tag can be changed to that name. I’m certain this problem will be resolved in an upcoming update to the Harmony client.