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I just followed the linking instruction EZsnsrf which is hold the set button, flashing led, trigger the dakota alert sender (inductive probe in my case) then hold the set button on the responder (I/O linc in this case) and it should link. The led on the EZsnsRF does not stop flashing. Yet I have linked it to relay module fine.

I have a 2412 PLM so I downloaded the SHN suite but it does not run on the pc I needed to run on which is running vista 64 bit. I need to test it on th 32 bit xp machine to see if I can get it to work on that. when i try to run it is says the program stopped running and windows is trying to correct it.

I have not wrapped my head around the difference between a direct command and a group command yet. Sounds like i might need to. your thoughts?