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That should work. EZSnsRF is a normal Insteon Controller and the I/O Linc Output relay is a normal Insteon Responder. How did you establish the link between the EZSnsRF as a Controller and the I/O Linc as a Responder? The Homeseer control, is that being done with an Insteon Direct command or with a Group command. The RemoteLinc controlling the I/O Linc Output has to be done with Group commands as that is the only means of control the RemoteLinc has. The EZSnsRF will be using Group commands if the links are correct, with the only difference being the Group number will likely be different from the RemoteLinc. Do you have the means of running the SHN Utility to independently display the link database in the EZSnsRF and the I/O Linc?