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If it is the same problem I am having it is in the HTML interface display of the Action. With mine the Value field says undefined and the Effects are missing. In my case the XML generated for the Action when it was Saved is correct and the Action is actually functional. Just does not display correctly with the HTML interface. It does display correctly with the Harmony client which would be expected since that is based on reading the Action XML. In my case the Action name is unique.

Just to avoid any possible confusion on my part, I start all my Device names with D….., all my Scene names with S…… and all my Action names with A…… EZSrve has no such requirement, just something I use to insure I am working with what I think I am. Does make it easy to distinguish Device names from Scene names when looking at the Effect pulldown list. That just made me think it may be necessary for Device names and Scene names to be unique or you would not know which one was being selected for a particular Effect.

I believe SHN folks review the forum and will pick up a problem reported here but I think in addition if you sent your Action file and an FYI note to SHN support they would have some data to attempt to recreate the symptom.