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Are you trying to Add the EZX10RF to EZSrve as a Device and that is when you get the timeouts? Not sure what you mean by click on it in SHN and what log are you looking at?. If that is the SHN Utility you are trying to use through EZSrve you need a different version of the SHN Utility than 1.81 as that level of SHN Utility does not interface with EZSrve V2 images. I can send you a later .exe file for the SHN Utility if that is what you are trying to use.

EDIT: SHN has updated the Downloads section for the SImplehomenet Utility Suite entry to point to a .zip file containing my latest V1.81 V2D version of the Utility. This supports EZSrve V1 and V2 images and includes support for the 2.7 revision of EZFlora II.