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That is what I saw. The Actions file was read successfully with the error occurring during the subsequent write. I’m not altogether sure there is an actual failure now. There were some problems in earlier images that destroyed the integrity of things so the Actions file might have been damaged by a problem that no longer exists. Since I have not seen that error since I rebuilt my Actions file from scratch I’m left with the possibility that the error being detected by the XML API Write call is damage that was done on an earlier image and only now being detected when the Actions file is processed by the XML API Write call from the Harmony client. The HTML side of things does not use that XML API call so the validation there might not be as good. I know more validation has been added to the XML API calls to be sure past corruption did not continue to propagate. The Devices file will be reset to nothing but the EZServe device entry if that file is found to be corrupted. I know that is an ugly thought for those who have large Actions files.