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The “Invalid XML Line ….” has been reported to SHN. I have not heard of a resolution as yet. I could not see anything wrong with my Actions file either when it happened here. The error occurs when the Harmony client is trying to send the updated XML file back through the XML API. Could be a problem with the original XML file being corrupted before it is retrieved by the Harmony client. Could be corrupted after being retrieved before being sent back through the XMP API. Since I could not see anything wrong when I downloaded the Actions file through the HTML it could be either one. I eventually recreated my Actions file at 02.06.01 from scratch and have not seen the “Invalid XML Line …” error since. Don’t know if recreating the Actions file from scratch actually fixed the problem or I just have not encountered that error yet with the new file.

There is no direct equivalent to asking for a LIST FILEs. From the EZsrve File Management pulldown you can select All Files or an individual file for a Save or Upload request. Save does not appear to be implemented as it is not working at 0.21.4 and nothing is traced by telnet to suggest any attempt was made to retrieve any of the files. Harmony is still in Beta status so some things may not be there yet even though the client is much further along than just a few months ago.