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Is it a device status change caused by an Action Effect that is not being reflected in the device status display or perhaps a device status change that is caused by one Insteon controller affecting an Insteon responder. If the former can you describe or post the Action that does not get reflected. If the later it is possibly related to a link from that Insteon controller back to the EZSrve that is not in place. A PLM (EZSrve has an internal PLM) is not aware of Insteon switch A turning on Insteon switch B unless Insteon switch A is also linked back to EZSrve. Let me know what specifically is not working and I will generate a test for that condition. Thanks.

EDIT: when you control devices manually from EZSrve that is done with Insteon Direct commands which are not dependent on links. It is very possible to be able to control devices manually using Insteon Direct commands but not have any awareness of device changes by a controller other than EZSrve (switch A controlling switch B) because the necessary links have not been established or have been erased by a Reset and not reestablished.

EDIT2: I just tried controlling an ICON switch and LampLinc through the Device View/Control HTML screen with the On and Off Icons and the device status is reflected correctly although it requires a cycle for the screen to be refreshed before the status change is actually displayed. Also defined two Actions that turned On then Off the ICON switch and the LampLinc and the Device View/Control reflected the device status changes On and Off the next time that screen was refreshed after each Effect. Also turned the ICON switch On with its paddle and hit REFRESH on the Device View/Control screen which resulted in the device being queried with a Direct command and the On status was reflected. What browser are you using? My tests were run with IE8 at the latest level. You might want to reload the 02.06 image to be sure nothing happened during that initial update. Be sure to be in DHCP mode when doing the update.

EDIT3: ran the same Action tests using the Harmony 0.21.7 level and the All Devices display reflected the change in ICON and LampLinc device status when the Actions were triggered based on Absolute= time. The Harmony device status display change is very quick because of the way the Flash interface works. Since nothing seems to be working on your system I’m think an issue with the internal PLM that allows it to send but not receive which seems unlikely since you would see the manual Icon On and Off requests repeated several times (lots of LED blinking) when the On and Off commands were issued. If the PLM cannot receive device query requests it would not be receiving the ACK from the On and Off commands which would cause command retries. That makes a browser issue more likely. What browser are you using and at what level. There is a trace that can be run using the SHN Utility Suite which will show the On/Off commands and the device Query command and response if you have or can install the 1.81 level of the Utility. That level of the Utility does not work with V2 images in the area of device configuration or link management but the EZServe/Control tab that allows xml commands to be executed and responses displayed does work with V2 images. I can post the details on how to accomplish that trace if you are interested.