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I must say I am inclined to agree with you. I too had issues with 2.05 regarding the system hanging after a certain number of devices and/or actions had been added. At least with 2.05 I was able to delete the last device or action and restore the system to working with the browser. I upgraded to 2.06 as you did and then made the silly mistake of adding one more device. The system hung and I can no longer load a complete device page without causing a reboot. Numerous attempts have been unsuccessful. Guess I’ll have to reset and reload. Fortunately I saved the XML files before I tried to add any more devices.

I’ve been away from the forum for quite some time, about a year and one half – at least since ver 1.59. After struggling with many earlier versions, countless hours of frustration, and untold bouts of cursing, I settled for the devices and timers that 1.59 could support and could live with its limited ability to deal with sunset- and sunrise-dependent events. Nothing fancy but at least it seemed dependable. When my EZSrve suddenly failed one day I noticed that it could no longer access the latitude and longitude values from the internet. It turns out that this was due to external factors and not the EZSrve. Not knowing this I checked to see if there were any upgrades since 1.59 and was pleased, shocked, and surprised to see that SHN was now up to ver 2.05. Cool, I bit the bullet and loaded the new firmware thinking that great progress had been made and that even though I would have to re-load all my devices the effort would be well worth it. Thanks to grif091’s help I was able to get almot everything I wanted to happen to work and I was feeling great about the new functionality. I even started purusing the SHN catalog to see what new toys I could buy to put on my system.

I think you know the rest. I did notify SHN about the hanging asking them if I might be running out of memory (if you check the spec sheet for the EZSrve it says its memory is expandable and there are options in their service pricing to upgrade from V1 to V2 to EZSrve3). No Answer. Then 2.06 arrives. Could it be the answer to my(our) problem. Unfortunalely NOT! Just don’t know what to do now.